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Many people believe that the size of swimwear is not so important. They mistakenly believe that such products are universal, and therefore fit almost any figure. In addition, they stretch well, at the same time correcting some shortcomings and sexually emphasizing the dignity of the silhouette.

In fact, of course, this is not the case. When choosing a swimsuit, consider dimensional indicators. Although such clothes are most often sewn from well-stretching, elastic fabrics, this does not mean at all that they will suit everyone. We will teach you how not only to determine the size of a swimsuit, but also to choose the right model.

Determine the Size According to the Type of Figure

Let’s start with the basic rule: when choosing a bathing suit, consider your unique characteristics. We are talking not only about dimensional indicators, but also about height, body type, weight, physical shape of the body.

Believe me, an improperly chosen swimsuit will not only not hide, but even emphasize all the flaws and spoil your mood. There is no such thing as a great beach holiday!

Determine the Size According to the Type of Figure Galaxycoupon

Before learning how to measure swimwear, understand what body type you are. And then choose the right model.

Experts distinguish five main types of female figures.


Perhaps one of the most common options. With a thin waist and often small breasts, the hips and buttocks are strongly pronounced. Often, excess weight accumulates in these problem areas.

Bathing suits for women of the bandeau type with missing straps, as well as classic push-up bikinis, are suitable. Pay attention to models with plain swimming trunks and bright, eye-catching tops, decorated with ruffles, bows, beads or flounces. The listed details visually enlarge the chest.

Another type of female figure that is common. If you have a pronounced, thin waist and almost the same width of the shoulders and hips, then we are talking about you.

Before such girls, there is practically no question of how to choose the right swimsuit, because almost all possible options suit them equally. Highlight your features with sexy solid bikinis, trendy sportswear, seductive tankinis.


One of the most “capricious” body types, for which it is not easy to find a suitable bodice and panties for swimming. A tendency to roundness, a wide waist, slightly different lines of the shoulders, chest, and hips are the main distinguishing features. How to choose a swimsuit if you have such a figure?

A model that forms beautiful proportions will help to cope with the task. A monokini (one-piece bathing suit) that accentuates the waist area is ideal. It is also worth paying attention to the very popular tankini, preferably with oversized trunks.


This type of female figure is often found in girls who are hard at work in sports. Almost no pronounced waist plus the same width of the shoulders, chest, hips are the hallmarks.

Pay attention to monokini-type swimsuits with voluminous, brightly decorated bodices and various draperies. Models look good with swimming trunks, which have a significantly lowered waistline. Tankinis and trikinis are also suitable.

Inverted triangle

Broad shoulders and boyish hips indicate the most athletic of all body types. The problem area of ​​​​this physique is the upper body – shoulders, chest area, arms, stomach. The owners of the inverted triangle are most often tall and thin, rarely gaining extra pounds.

To emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws of the figure, the bodice (or the top in one-piece swimsuits) should visually make wide shoulders narrower. The bodice is recommended to choose a monophonic, not attracting attention.

Pay attention to: swimwear halter (strings on the neck), tank (wide straps of the bodice), deep plunge (V-neckline).

In a two-piece swimsuit, the bottom should give the impression of more volume than the top. That is, to be bright, with voluminous elements, decor, giving additional volume (strings, ruffles, draperies, frills). As well as panties and shorts with a high waist.

Today there is a huge variety of swimwear, and among them you can always find one that you like. But first you need to figure out how to determine the size of a future new thing.

How to measure your parameters

So, having established your type of figure, it’s time to decide on the size of the swimsuit. To do this, you need to know indicators such as:

  • bust girth and cup volume (determined by girth under the bust);
  • waist circumference in cm;
  • hip circumference in cm

Taking these measurements is easy. You will need a tailor’s tape measure and a sheet of paper with a pen to record the measurements. It is better to measure not one, but paired with an assistant.

Chest girth . Measured parallel to the floor. The tape passes through the armpits, protruding areas of the shoulder blades and mammary glands.
Girth under bust . Stand up straight, lower both hands down. The tape runs horizontally under the shoulder blades and mammary glands.
Waist . Measured parallel to the floor, the tape passes through the narrowest point.
Hip circumference . Measured at the most protruding areas of the buttocks.
When all the necessary measurements are taken, guided by them, you can easily determine what size swimsuit you need. For convenience, we provide tables.

Table 1. Correspondence of dimensional grids of different countries

Russian size European International Bust in cm Waist in cm Hips in cm
40-42 34-36 S 82-85 63-65 85-90
42-44 36-38 M 86-89 66-69 91-95
44-46 38-40 L 90-93 70-74 96-100
46-48 40-42 XL 94-97 75-78 101-105
48-50 42-44 XXL 98-101 79-83 106-110
50-52 44-46 XXXL 103-107 84-89 111-115
Table 2. Determining the size of the cup of the bodice

Size (Russia) Under bust in cm Bust A cup (cm) Bust B Cup (cm) Bust C Cup (cm) Bust D Cup (cm) Bust E cup (cm) Bust F Cup (cm) Bust G Cup (cm) Bust H Cup (cm)
40-42 63-67 77-79 79-81 81-83 83-85 85-87 87-89 89-91 91-93
44 68-72 82-84 84-86 86-88 88-90 90-92 92-94 94-96 96-98
46 73-77 87-89 89-91 91-93 93-95 95-97 97-99 99-101 101-103
48 78-82 92-94 94-96 96-98 98-100 100-102 102-104 104-106 106-108
fifty 83-87 97-99 99-101 101-103 103-105 105-107 107-109 109-111 111-113
52 88-92 102-104 104-106 106-108 108-110 110-112 112-114 114-116 116-118
54 93-97 107-109 109-111 111-113 113-115 115-117 117-119 119-121 121-123
56 98-102 112-114 114-116 116-118 118-120 120-122 122-124 124-126 126-128
58 103-107 117-119 119-121 121-123 123-125 125-127 127-129 129-131 131-133
60 108-112 122-124 124-126 126-128 128-130 130-132 132-134 134-136 136-138
62 113-117 127-129 129-131 131-133 133-135 135-137 137-139 139-141 141-143
64 118-122 132-134 134-136 136-138 138-140 140-142 142-144 144-146 146-148

Fusion model

According to the swimwear size chart above and recommendations for different body types, you can easily find the perfect model. Including, and fused. However, one more indicator is required for such bathing suits: height. It will help you to choose the right clothes more accurately.

Most often, women buy swimwear in sizes 44, 46, 48, 50, 52 and 54. However, there is a huge choice for more curvaceous ladies. Today, manufacturers offer bright, unusual models of closed swimsuits from 60 to 70 sizes, including fashionable tankinis. You can also find such products from well-known brands, for example, Victoria’s Secret.

Fusion model Galaxycoupon
Well, in order to accurately determine the value of the size of a one-piece swimsuit, both small and large, we offer another simple table.

Table 3. Sizes of one-piece swimsuits
women size chart galaxycoupon

Split model

To determine the size of two-piece swimsuits, a special table is not needed. You can focus on those indicators that you usually take into account when choosing underwear. We also suggest looking at the correspondences of different dimensional grids, which say which numerical values ​​are suitable for alphabetic ones:

  • xs – the smallest size of a bathing suit;
  • s – small swimsuit size;
  • m – average size;
  • l – large;
  • xl is the largest
  • xxl – the largest, etc.

America was the first to come up with the idea of ​​designating the sizes of women’s swimsuits with letters, but now this technique has spread throughout the world and is considered international.

Sizes of different countries

Depending on the country, the size of the swimsuit may vary. It depends on the values ​​that are accepted in a particular state. However, the difference between European dimensional grids and Russian ones is not too critical. You can compare them in the above table of matching the sizes of women’s swimsuits.

What to Consider When Choosing Galaxycoupon

What to Consider When Choosing

As mentioned above, when choosing a bathing suit, you need to consider not only its size, but also the cut, color scheme, decor, and body type. Only if you take into account all these nuances, you will choose a model that will only please and emphasize all the advantages.

Today, manufacturers offer, among other things, original swimsuits of non-standard sizes. For example, for girls with a zero bust size or, conversely, those who are proud of their huge, attractive forms. In any case, the range is more than wide, so any woman can feel like a real queen on the beach!

Dear readers of the Galaxycoupon website, if you have any questions on this topic, we will be happy to answer them. Leave your feedback, comments, share stories if you had experience in choosing a swimsuit! Your life experience may be useful to other readers.


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