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When choosing a jacket, your eyes may involuntarily start to diverge from the variety. But still there are certain criteria that help to choose winter clothes:

  • the material from which the lining and the outer side are made;
  • strength of parts and seams;
  • customer opinion and brand reputation.

Jacket ratings for men and women are compiled based on these characteristics, and all positions are listed alphabetically.

The cost of all things is indicated without promotions, promotional codes, discounts, etc. However, if desired, they can be bought cheaper by an order of magnitude.

Top Winter Jacket Brands at

The Best Brands Of Women’s Winter Jackets – Top-10

Canada Goose Review

The clothing of this company is designed to withstand extreme cold conditions. To protect against frost, the jacket has a down lining. The distribution of fluff is mechanized, and therefore the thing is reliable and of high quality.

The Canadian brand strives to make its jackets as comfortable and suitable as possible for a wide variety of weather, and therefore the products have removable hoods, pockets of various sizes, and wind protection in the sleeves.

The price range varies from tens of thousands of rubles to hundreds. The average cost is 30 thousand. All things have a barcode confirming the originality.

carhartt Review

This brand is from the USA and all their jackets are able to withstand bad weather conditions like wind, rain, etc. Due to the fact that the fittings and seams are made firmly and for a long time, it is more difficult to spoil the product with your own hands due to careless handling. Each jacket has pockets on the outside and inside, but the design remains minimalistic and concise.

Duno Review

A very young brand from Italy, which has received recognition from many trendsetters and rethought the concept of winter clothing. The company was able to combine functionality and the ability to retain heat even in the most severe cold in products.

Distinctive features in the design of these jackets are minimalism and neutral colors.

Helly Hansen Review

Residents of Norway know firsthand what cold is, and therefore the jackets of this company are so good. Thanks to the introduction of innovative moisture protection technologies, Helly Hansen products will definitely protect you from getting wet.

The brand provides a wide range of outerwear, and due to the versatility of colors, you can combine them with almost anything.

Marmot Review

This company is famous for its innovative material that protects against cold and getting wet. In models for winter, the composition of the lining is either goose feather or duck, and the pockets are heated.

For lovers of listening to music, the brand even provided a port that does not allow wired headphones to get confused.

Moncler Review

The jackets of this brand from Italy are designed for people who do not like to stay in the shade, but are accustomed to surprise with their appearance. Therefore, on a monclair jacket you can often see various unusual prints and catchy colors.

The brand belongs to the luxury segment, but you can buy a product for 18 thousand.

Parajumpers Review

Another Italian winter clothing brand. In the fashion world, he was loved for such details as: pockets made specifically for the phone, deep hoods, drawstrings that allow you to adjust the shape of the jacket and stylish natural fur trim. Each jacket is protected from moisture by a special water-repellent composition.

The North Face Review

This American brand focuses on clothes for long time in the mountains. For this reason, the jackets are made of a water-repellent material that also does not let the wind through. Most jackets have a second hood that can be hidden underneath. The company is loved by the consumer for simple clothing care and quality.

Uniqlo Review

An Asian brand originally from Japan specializes in making jackets that can be worn not only in winter, but also in spring and autumn. Buyers pay attention to the things of this company because of the quality and versatility. Strong and durable fittings, high-quality seams – all this is conducive to buying a jacket at Uniqlo.

Another incomparable plus is its compactness: the product can be folded into a special case, and then it will take up very little space.

Woolrich Review

Speaking of the usual national attributes of the United States, they often think of jeans, cowboy boots and baseball caps. However, such words can also be safely applied to the jackets of this company, due to a two-hundred-year history of work.

In their products you can often see world celebrities. The top layer consists of a mixture of cotton and nylon , while the inside is almost completely filled with down, and the rest is feather. If desired, the fur can be removed.

Top 10 Men’s Winter Jacket Brands

Almost all of the above companies make both men’s and women’s jackets, and therefore this list will include either companies that specialize exclusively in men’s clothing, or are mostly popular with them.

Baon Review

Despite the fact that the brand is legally from Russia, in fact it is Swedish. It is for this reason that the jackets of this company have such a Scandinavian style: they are similar to the clothes of mountain athletes, but at the same time they are also suitable for less extreme conditions.

Buyers like the things of this company due to their versatility and variety: everyone will find something to their taste. Experts believe that the price-quality ratio here is almost perfect.

Bask Review

The brand is also, like the previous one, from Russia. Specializes in insulated quilted parkas and transformer jackets. The manufacturer claims that even in extreme cold, the product will warm the wearer. Thanks to the deep hoods and tall pillars, no accessories are required.

And a wide range of choices and an unusual cut will entice even the most picky buyer to their side.

Blauer Review

An American firm with an Italian flair specializing in outerwear similar to the uniform of the police, aviation, etc. Their jackets are known for their resistance to extreme conditions. They stand out due to the fact that they are made from a mixture of natural materials with nylon. The lining consists of down and feathers of water birds.

Columbia Review

Almost everyone knows this company from the USA with a long history. The brand pioneered the use of hood and waist adjustments, as well as lining release. Columbia items are comfortable, suitable for many purposes.

In addition, the seams of the jackets are not only firmly stitched, but also taped to protect from the wind. The color palette is presented in primary colors.

Cortigiani Review

An Italian company specializing exclusively in men’s clothing. Basic stylistic features: monochrome, perfect cut and balance of black and white.

This is not an ordinary wardrobe item, but rather a luxury.

Finnflare Review

Clothing comes from Finland, is very common in Russia, you can see shops in every major city. The company is considered universally recognized, has the status of a “stable middle peasant”. The brand provides normal quality.

Geox Review

An Italian brand whose jackets have a balance of moisture protection and breathable materials. The company even patented some of its production technologies. Thanks to them, the jacket is versatile in all weather conditions. Things are easy to care for, and they remain in good condition for a long time.

Hetrego Review

The first word that comes to mind when it comes to this company is ergonomics. The range mainly includes jackets in classic colors, and therefore they will suit almost everything. The lining is made of goose down, and the material of the outer part is water-repellent.

Sivera Review

A brand from Russia with a telling name: after all, “sivera” is translated as bad weather from one of the Slavic dialects. Keeping warm in their jackets helps down layer with the addition of synthetics , and the upper part is made from a mixture of different materials.

under armor Review

The main brand ambassadors from the USA are Olympic athletes. But recently, their clothes are gaining momentum in people not associated with sports. After the transition to large-scale production, and not only for a specific group of people, the company became competitive on the world stage.

Chip jackets Under Armor is a special technology that eliminates the smell of sweat, as well as water-repellent material from which the top layer is made. The color palette is presented for every taste.

And of course, you can’t ignore the brands known all over the world, namely: Adidas, Calvin Klein, Givenchy, Lacoste, Michael Kors, Puma , Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Valentino, Versace. They are on everyone’s lips and set trends in fashion.

Dear readers of the site GalaxyCoupon, if you have any questions on this topic, we will be happy to answer them. Leave your feedback, comments, share your top brands of winter jackets for women or men! Your life experience may be useful to other readers.


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