The collar has long been an important part of the costume. In previous centuries, wealth and status were determined by it, so medieval nobles and ladies tried to wear large, frilly, richly decorated collars. Modern fashion dictates its own rules, the main of which are conciseness and comfort, and offers a variety of types of collars that help create the desired image.

All Types of Collars in Clothes Galaxycoupon

Flat-lying or turn-down

Such models are cut out without a rack and come in several types.


The style and colors indicate a marine style, although today guis is not necessarily blue and white. The shape does not change – a V-shaped neckline in front and a rectangular element on the back.

Flat-lying or turn-down GAlaxyCoupon
It is usually used in women’s dresses and children’s suits, creating a light and slightly playful look.
with lapels

The style is often called English, as it conveys the characteristic features – restraint and elegance. Strict jackets, autumn coats and jackets are sewn with lapels, they give a special chic to a tuxedo and tailcoat.

Characteristic features are pointed edges and turn-down sides.


The polo collar is small, no wider than 5 centimeters, used in T-shirts and knitted men’s shirts, as it is made of soft material.

The polo collar Galaxycoupon

It should be noted that today polo is experiencing a surge in popularity and is the trend of the season.

Peter Pan

An element of a peculiar configuration – wide and rounded in front, it gradually tapers to the back. Dresses and blouses with Peter Pan collars look feminine and somewhat naive.

Peter Pan Galaxycoupon

Modern fashion refers such a detail to the vintage style.


The cut, by definition, means a stand, due to which the product fits more closely to the neck.

Standing - Galaxycoupon

Initially, such a collar was an attribute of men’s clothing, but women’s fashion quickly adopted it for coats, jackets and jackets.

shirt rack

The name defines the scope – shirts. The form consists of a dense frame and the actual collar with sharp edges.

shirt rack Galaxycoupon

This look is associated with China – with military uniforms, as well as with women’s silk dresses. The collar is short, with rounded edges; piping is often used on dresses and blouses.


shirt rack Galaxycoupon

“Mandarin” – a one-piece element with a rigid lining.


The high stance continues with long ribbons that are tied in a bow or imitate a tie.

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“Golf” is an attribute of turtlenecks, sweaters, warm knitted dresses.

Golf Galaxycoupondeal

It can be single or wrapped in two layers, covering the entire neck.