Sales calendar in Europe: when should you hunt for the biggest discounts?

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Anyone who hunts for low prices knows very well that sales in stores occur on a special promotion calendar. Basically, it’s a constant schedule that repeats year after year, so it’s worth checking it out to know when the seasonal sales start!

In this article, we will tell you when the summer clothing sale starts and when is the best time to buy clothes for the winter? Check out how stores plan their advertising campaigns and benefit from the knowledge gained.

When do sales start in Europe?

Have you found the clothes of your dreams, but the high price does not encourage him to buy? The first step to success is to understand when sales start at Zara and other major stores in Europe. Contrary to appearances, everything follows a pre-determined pattern, and discounts – although they may appear suddenly – are planned long before the collection arrives in store warehouses.

The change in commodity prices can be divided into three phases:

  • start – the moment when the first stores announce sales, usually 20-30% discounts reach about ;
  • peak – the period during which discounts are available in almost every store and range from 30 to 70% (and the availability of goods decreases over time);
  • end – the moment when stores stop selling due to lack of goods. Usually in the last days of discounts, you can shop with a up to 90% discount.

When do the biggest discounts in stores start?

Do you want to buy cheaper and avoid moments when online store catalogs are empty? With the start of spring sales, no more questions to ask! Learn all the intricacies of the traders calendar and find the best time to buy at the lowest prices!

Spring sales:

  • Start: end of March.
  • Peak: second half of April.
  • End: after the May weekend.

Summer clothing sale:

  • Start: end of June.
  • Peak: second half of July – first half of August.
  • End: second half of August.

When does the fall sale start?

  • Start: end of September.
  • High: all of October.
  • End: mid-November.

When do Christmas discounts start?

  • Beginning: Catholic Christmas (end of December).
  • Peak: second half of January.
  • End: mid February.

In which stores can I count on promotions on this calendar?

Knowing when sales are on in Europe is one thing, but you should also know which stores you can expect lower prices from, following the guidelines above. Due to the specifics of discounts (associated with the withdrawal of collections and the introduction of new ones), such schemes are only valid in stores with a high rotation of goods:

  • clothes;
  • shoes and accessories;
  • sports goods;
  • perfumery and pharmacies.

These industries offer products tailored to the aura outside the window, so collection replacement is essential – in turn, clearance sales are the best way to minimize wastage as a result of unsold products.

However, industries that operate regardless of the time of year do things quite differently:

  • bookstores – they have the biggest discounts, as a rule, before the start of the school year, as well as in the pre-Christmas period;
  • electronics and home appliances stores – on the basis of pre-holiday sales and warehouse cleaning (twice a year: in early January and at the turn of June and July). You can also look forward to lower prices with the advent of a new generation product line, such as a new iPhone or an updated version of the console;
  • interior stores – discounts appear most often with the advent of the new season (for example, discounts on barbecues and garden furniture in September), as well as during periods of high traffic (holidays and long weekends).

Summer, autumn, New Year discounts: when do they start and how long do they last?

The standard promotion calendar applies primarily to stores using the classic trading model (presenting new spring/summer and autumn/winter collections). However, it should be borne in mind that increased rotation of goods is increasingly appearing on store shelves. This phenomenon can be noted, among other things, in chain stores, where new items usually appear every 4-5 weeks. This, in turn, means that sellers must get rid of “extra” goods at all costs, which usually leads to the so-called off-season sale, that is, the sale of actual clothes (to make room for new goods).

Where can you count on sales almost all year round?

  • Zara,
  • Pull & Bear,
  • Bershka,
  • Stradivarius,
  • Oysho,
  • H&M,
  • Mango,
  • Tatuum
  • Douglas

Sales calendar in Europe: additional features

  1. Weekend discounts – sometimes online stores organize additional promotions with discounts for the weekend. For example, on weekends only -20% on goods for children or on weekends all trousers with a 30% discount.
  2. Black Friday is the day of the biggest promotions in malls when customers are waiting, including discounts up to -80%, additional gadgets for free, as well as promotions such as “3 for 2” or “buy one, get the second half price”! When does Black Friday start? It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving. Basically the fourth Friday of November.
  3. Cyber ​​Monday is a similar promotion as in the case of Black Friday, but in this case it is organized in online stores.
  4. New Year’s discounts – when do they start? Right after Black Friday. Basically, by the New Year, we have the culmination of holiday promotions, when sellers often want to get rid of excess goods.
  5. Consumer holidays are the days when we most often buy gifts, for example:
  • Valentine’s Day,
  • Mothers Day,
  • Children Protection Day,
  • Halloween.


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